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Should I feed my photographer? My supplier has cancelled my booking! The venue has upped the bar costs? My mum said it looks awful? When should I send out invites? Who will run it on the day? Is this too expensive? What can I do that's different?

Working in the events industry for over 8 years I come across these hurdles on every event, and when my consultation clients experience these issues while planning their own wedding or event they can feel like it's #TheEndOfTheWorld.

For me, it's just another task on my to-do list. When I see you going though these issues (usually on Facebook, in the wedding groups I activity follow but should be promoting myself) I can't help but become a key board warrior and stick my 2 cents in, offering advice, knowledge and experience to help you.

So who am I? Why do I feel I can understand what you’re going through or even feel I have the right to pass on my experience?


Honestly, I'm just another person. I've worked in the events industry for a long time now in various roles, Florist, Event Designer, Event Manager, Entertainer, Set builder, Stage manager and I've worked with some of the best #Eventprofs in the business! Incredible men & women that work long hours, late nights, in all conditions. Missing their own important events to ensure yours are spectacular.


I've learned and experienced a lot.

What I can say is all the problems, issues, hurdles, decisions, creative blocks, logistic planning & more, you’re all facing, I've faced. Time & time again. All those problems I've faced that made me laugh, cry, scream, throw things, dance and sing... ended. I found a solution.

(Sometimes after a bottle of wine)

Honestly I've faced it.

-Brides bursting into angry tears because the wrong colour flowers were ordered.

-Santa turning up with a black beard (#pirate)

-Bar's stop answering emails and calls a week before the event and the day before, inform me they’re not coming.

-Marquee floors falling in.

-Rain.....outdoor garden party.......and rain, lots of it.

-A van pulling away, taking the power cord to the marquee with it and turning all the lights and power off.


This is the daily life of an event planner, really our title should be #problemsolver & #mircleworker. Events are hard work. It's no wondered some of you feel like pulling your hair out in a bath of wine while everyone sits quietly in another room.

I wanted to offer this blog for anyone who needs to know you’re not the only one facing this. I'll try to offer advice on common issues when planning your own #wedding #party or #event

Of course this is offered freely based on my own opinions and experiences and I welcome you to share yours.

Let me know what you’re facing in the comments below and I'll cover it.



NEXT TIME: Do I need to feed my photographer and suppliers?